The Thangam Memorial Trust, with 4 full time doctors and a dog shelter providing asylum to 300 abandoned dogs has also taken up the animal birth control programme with the Tirupur municipal corporation in sterilizing over 10000 dogs.

The Sulochana Pharmacy with 2 stores, another initiative in serving the communities of Tirupur and Coimbatore. The pharmacy offers a standard 20% discount on any product and it has been acknowledged very well and appreciated by the public.

Our polyester unit recycles 5 million bottles everyday contributing to a greener planet. This project helps save 2700 litres of water per T-shirt and does not require 94% of the chemical products used in conventional textiles.

Deeply devoted to a cleaner & greener environment, we have installed 10 MW Windmills that generate green energy, besides taking care of 40% of our electricity needs. Through greater corporate responsibility, we will continue to strive and stay sensitive to the needs of those around us.